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Yeah, got a tad ranty there, sorry about that. I didn't notice the Notation entry in the context menu . Duly inserted into my customised menu. Dynamics (track notation) are missing in that menu?

If a context menu can be populated by only the entries of a currently loaded artic file that would help a lot.

On the framework side, please try to make sure that recorded events can be included to the picture. Probably only thinkable for track notation events (dynamic/text), as they are not tied to notes and have a MIDI channel, but I'd live with that. Kind of an inverse map.
Ideally once an artic file is loaded then fitting MIDI events on the recording input would be directly mapped and recorded right into the notation lane. Alternatively, useful anyway, actions to translate notes/CC/channels to (track) notation events (and the other way).
Probably pretty tricky stuff and nothing I couldn't wait for but please, keep that door open.

I can't come up with an example right now, but I think there are also instruments with keyswitches which can be triggered during a sounding note, would only be active for the duration of the keyswitch note
and fall back to the previous articulation when keyswitch note-off is incoming. Those events would need a (editable) duration independent of the note they are affecting.
As would crescendo and similar dynamics.
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