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Originally Posted by schwa View Post
The question is whether the mapping should happen at the source or the destination.

As it is currently, the mappings happen at the destination. Mappings are saved with the FX, wherever the FX is saved (in a project, track template, saved fx chain, etc). This seems sensible since the FX is the only consumer of the mappings, and MIDI can come in to a given FX from any track.

Mapping at the source would let us support more flexible mappings, such as mapping a notation event to a series of triggered events, chasing different types of triggered events differently, etc. We would probably manage this the way bank/program files and note names are managed, at the track level. So mappings would be saved with the track, wherever the track is saved. But not with the FX chain. And if you have multiple tracks sending MIDI to a single FX, or multiple instances of a given FX, each track would need to have the mappings loaded separately.
At the source please.

If i have an FX instrument loaded, that holds 4 different instruments (Kontakt for example), each with different articulation sets, then i'm confined to one map at the destination.

If i have 1 FX with 4 instruments, and route 4 different tracks routed to it, and the map is per track, then each map will be accurate per instrument.

And if i have a massive orchestral template that is normally fairly static once it's built, mapping per track and saving that track as a template means i only need to do it once.

I also read in this thread there was a question about the usefulness of channel mapping. It's important when when using orchestral setups where artics are loaded by channel, for example when the studio setup includes external boxes that are static, and often routed by ethernet, or some other streaming tech reliant on the speed and bandwidth to keep up when streaming midi data. It's been my experience that these external boxes behave better when artics are loaded per channel, versus what i call long distance keyswitching, which can have it's own challenges.

So please add my vote for mapping by channel as well.

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