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Originally Posted by pcartwright View Post

I think this needs to be carefully thought out. Look at the below example:

EDIT: Ideally, all notes would reference the "with mute" text.
To elaborate, consider this example:

With this mapping:

track text Mute : cc 0 3 127
track text "With Mute" : cc 0 3 127
track text "Without Mute" : cc 0 3 0
track text Vibrato : cc 0 1 127
track text "No Vibrato" : cc 0 1 0
Playing back from the beginning works great:

But if I start playback from just to the right of the vibrato marking, I get this:

Notice that vibrato map is chased, but the mute map is not. In the case of CC messages, I think it makes sense to chase the most recent value per CC. In this case, the chased values should have been for both CC1 and CC3 and not just CC1.

Obviously, this isn't necessary for keyswitches. I'm not sure if this would apply to VST3 expressions as I don't have any libraries that use this feature.
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