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I'm not sure if this is a bug or intended behavior.

I set up a simple bit of notation as follows:

List view:

Here's the loaded articulation:

track text Normale : keyswitch 0 36 127
track text pizz : keyswitch 0 41 127
note ornament tremolo : keyswitch 43 127
track text Mute : cc 0 1 60
track text "With Mute" : cc 0 1 0

The first two notes are played back Normale (arco in this case)
The Pizz keyswitch occurs after the 2nd note and is never heard
The third and fourth note are both tremolo even though the tremolo only exists on the third note

When I bounced the FX to a new MIDI file:

What I expected to happen:

The first note is played Normale (arco)
The second note is played pizzicato
The third note is played tremolo
The last note is played pizzicato

So the issues are:

1. The pizzicato keyswitch didn't occur in time for the actual note. I suspect this is due to the new standard of placing notation items after the impacted note.

2. The last note played with an articulation when none was expected. This isn't a great example as most people would re-notate pizzicato for the last note for clarity, but this is just for demonstration purposes. However, alternating normal (no articulation) to staccato (or tenuto, marcato, accent, etc) or vice versa is common and currently generates an unintuitive result.


There needs to be a mechanism to revert to a keyswitch, cc change, expression, etc. when there is no articulation AND the keyswitch, cc change, etc should revert back to the last active notation-track event.
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