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Originally Posted by Commala View Post
It's true that channel-based articulation is probably less common than keyswitches, but in my opinion it's really a superior method for working with libraries. It's much easier to have a visual overview (multi channel editing especially), two artics can be layered very easily as Cyoder mentioned, and artic rules are attached to individual notes by default.

However, I have seen some utilities for converting keyswitches to midi channel, so it looks like it should be pretty simple to make do.
It just occurred to me that a utility to convert keyswitches to channel changes won't work with the articulation mapper in its current format because there is no FX space between the mapper and the VSTi. We either need channel changes added to the trigger type or change the articulation mapper to an FX plugin for channels to be assigned based on notation.

@schwa, users could indeed change channels directly in the MIDI editor, but the articulation mapper with channel change trigger type offers a "what you see is what you get" approach. See a staccato? Know that your staccato patch on channel 3 will fire.
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