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Default Simple Private Server Setup Instructions


I had a look at NINJAM for the first time earlier this week, I understand and love the concept and understand how to connect and how the Reaper plugin works.

My aim is to jam with a friend in another city through the Reaper Plugin, on a private server, and to also to record the output.

I've searched the forums for a simple guide of how to do this but am getting a bit confused, so far I am at this stage....

I have downloaded the server files, but not sure what I need to edit in the .cfg file (if anything). We don't really want to do anything out of the ordinary. Is the example good enough for this?

I think I've got the server up and running, I ran the batch file and from what I can remember I get a command box which gives me options to press one of four keys e.g. 'Q' to quit the server, so it looks like it it running.

I have not yet forwarded the port in my router but think I can manage to do this if required.

I don't really know what to do next to connect via the plugin and for my friend to connect.

I 'think' I need to send him my Public IP with the forwarded port on the end.

Do we then both enter this into the plugin and connect?

Do I need to do anything else re: recording the output.

Apologies if I am sounding thick but it's all quite new stuff to me. I have had a look but there is a lot of information about more complicated issues and it seems to be a little vague beyond the point of setting up the server.

Many thanks in advance!
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