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Originally Posted by IXix View Post
I just had a look at how stretch markers are stored in the project and I don't think it would be that hard to manipulate them...
SM 0.000000000000 0.0000000000 +  10.000000000000 8.0000000000 + 17.000000000000 16.0000000000  + 146.218956916100 146.2189569161
The above shows an item with two manually added markers (in green) and the two item end markers automatically created by REAPER (in red). As you can see a marker definition is just two numbers, the first one the actual location, the second the original location, and the markers are separated by + signs. I don't think it would be very hard for someone familiar with python string manipulation to parse that info, change it and write it back to the item chunk.
Oh I missed this. Cool! Actually, what I need to do is a little more complex. I need to place stretch markers at 0 crossing (which REAPER can already do very well) but then! Here's the scary part: I need to strech the item so that each stretch marker ends up equidistant. Essentially, each cycle of the waveform ends up the same length and therefore the full waveform ends up perfectly at one frequency throughout.
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