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Originally Posted by Argitoth View Post
is there anything that will give you a true or false whether the take's waveform is positive or negative at mouse or cursor position?
You can inspect the audio of a take directly with the audio accessor API. If you're good a scripting, it shouldn't be too hard to just grab the sample at the cursor and test its sign.

Originally Posted by Argitoth View Post
I really am desperately in need of some stretch marker API. I need to be able to move stretch markers.
I just had a look at how stretch markers are stored in the project and I don't think it would be that hard to manipulate them...
      POSITION 0.00000000000000
      SNAPOFFS 0.00000000000000
      LENGTH 146.21895691609978
      LOOP 1
      ALLTAKES 0
      SEL 1
      FADEIN 1 0.000000 0.000000 1 0 0.000000
      FADEOUT 1 0.000000 0.000000 1 0 0.000000
      MUTE 0
      IGUID {B50CAAED-CB5E-4195-BE04-84FEE3C3A9DF}
      IID 1
      NAME "GTR B_03.wav"
      VOLPAN 1.000000 0.000000 1.000000 -1.000000
      SOFFS 0.00000000000000
      PLAYRATE 1.00000000000000 1 0.00000000000000 -1 0 0.002500
      CHANMODE 0
      GUID {54A3267C-3FE3-4C0F-ACDF-031392D7F670}
        FILE "GTR B_03.wav"
      SM 0.000000000000 0.0000000000 +  10.000000000000 8.0000000000 + 17.000000000000 16.0000000000  + 146.218956916100 146.2189569161
The above shows an item with two manually added markers (in green) and the two item end markers automatically created by REAPER (in red). As you can see a marker definition is just two numbers, the first one the actual location, the second the original location, and the markers are separated by + signs. I don't think it would be very hard for someone familiar with python string manipulation to parse that info, change it and write it back to the item chunk.
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