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Default blundering oversight


I started doing this stuff in 1965 and never realized til now that I'd forked up one aspect of the process. The three pickup, Fender knife toggle conversion does not allow mix of 2+3 when restricting the mod to only two additional DPDT switches. Partly overlooked because this is the least remarkable and desirable sound realm. This may have impact in today's digital age though.

Guitar amps are narrow lo-fi boxes with limited frequency response, and miking the amp limits the response even further under the best of conditions. Didn't stop Jimmy Page from miking his Telecaster going thru a wall of stacked Pignose amps for Led Zep I. Who can argue with the sound...Carry over from the Yardbirds. Later migrated to Les Pauls. (Anyone remember that album, one of the best ever produced).

Guitar into computer captures the broader spectrum, and the guitarist may be fighting with too much low end response that needs to be taken out. The overbearing true bass capacity can mask the sound you are trying to get that was ideal on stage thru the Marshall stack. No more aesthetic way to do this than with phasing blend at your fingertips with the guitar knobs, with graphic eq second on the list (opinion only). In todays operating environment, 2+3 out adjustment may have a place in controlling the full spectrum barage that's coming thru to the DAW.

I'd mentioned the necessity of adding a third switch to get all combinations in 3 pickup guitars with standard 2 position center-on toggles. Looks like this may be necessary for strats also if you want 2+3 variations, though 2+3 in phase doesn't give anything remarkable that you can't get better elsewhere (another opinion). Will get the schematic posted.

Sorry for my short sight here. You can go ahead with the full mod as presented and still get the sounds of Allah and his 437 celestial virgins playing their transcendental flutes.

Got some pix to post shortly. Talked also with the local tribe of musicians and got an APB out for Claw's whereabouts, so we can get soaring samples of this extrordinary musician posted..

John K
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