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John, this is awesome stuff you're posting. In the interests of getting even more of your wisdom to sink in to my dim awareness, here's a quick guide to posting images on the forum.

First, you have to get the image on the web someplace for the forum software to access it. Stashbox is a super-easy and convenient way to do that:

If you have the picture you want to upload on your computer, basically just go to the above website and click the "Browse" button, navigate to the picture on your hard drive, double-click it, and then click "Upload." Your picture will now be on the world wide web.

Stashbox will present you with a link you can use to refer people to that picture, something like or whatever. You can simply copy andd paste that link all over the web and people can go to stashbox and view the image themselves, or you can use that link to embed the picture in your posts.

Here's how to embed a picture:

1. Within your forum post where you want the image to appear, type or paste the following two BB code tags(just what's inside the quotes):


2. Now, in another browser window or tab, go to the *online* location where you can view your picture (e.g. the stashbox link).

3. Right-click the picture and a little menu should pop up. Select "Copy image location." This will place the web address of the image on your clipboard.

4. Now click the space between the two 'img' tags (I think you can figure this out), and paste the web address you copied above in between them, so it looks like this:


**except with square brackets instead of the round ones

5. Click "preview" or "submit reply" and the image should now show up in your post, like this:


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