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Default grounding Neodymiums


Not a whole lot of experience with these yet, but two of the stated drawbacks are brittleness and the low heat tolerance before strength takes a hit. Nothing has broken yet even though they tend to fly all over the place and slam into things. This is no myth.

The acid core soldering ground technique okay for alnicos would probably screw these things up quite badly. A workable option is to cover the pickup pole base with aluminum foil, slam the magnets on with the layer of foil inbetween, and ground the foil with a paper clip as described earlier.

The Neodymiums impart a unique quality, not entirely Fender-like, but a sharpness that makes the experiment well worth the time and minimal expense. Between the circuitry mod and the neodymiums, this low quality, 75 dollar pawn shop reject, ex-Squire strat is way superior to what any stock strat is capable of delivering. Proof is blissfully obvious in the end result of the conversion. I'll put this up against any $2000 custom off the shelf of the finest Guitar Center.

The step by step procedure is here for the doing. I can only imagine the sound capability if these alterations were done on a real guitar.

John K

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