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Default Neodymiums installed in Squire strat


Got a very good report, no, a great report on the Neodymium magnets. Advice is to go forth without hesitation and do it.

Reworked the Squire Strat. They’ve got a couple varieties that either have real alnico magnets, or the crap variant like mine that has a ferrous iron bar beneath inert poles.
They’ve glued the bar in place fairly well. Some wide mouth pliers are about the best way to pry it loose without breaking anything. The poles are firmly in place, but moveable. Press the poles a bit below the surface before placing the buttons, then press the button in place. You want to assure metal to metal contact. May want to lightly sand away the glue on the pole base for better contact. A dab of Elmer's glue would be good. I haven't done this yet because I want to work with the bars at some point. Haven’t played with the bar Neo’s yet because the buttons do such a nice upgrade and I want to get used to the new potential. Stuff in the local area does tend to fly around a bit because these things are strong!..

The magnet buttons come all stacked together and it’s a bit of trouble prying them apart, as well as keeping any polarity standard, since you’ve got 18 magnets flipping and flying while you’re trying to work. Use a felt marker and mark the ends as you take the magnets from the stack. Upon removing the bar, make sure that each of the magnets pulls in the same direction referencing one side of the original bar, or you could get things mixed up and have some weird phasing problems. The mark helps if one of them gets sucked onto your belt buckle and you can’t tell which way it was turned.

Sound is great, higher output and clarity, an extra treble punch without getting tinny. The notes are significantly more defined. Very much worth the effort. Time involved is about a half hour.

For reference again, you are wanting the quarter by eighth inch discs, N50 grade, magnetized by thickness. 18 magnets do the job.

Cost was $7.75 for a stack of 25 and $5 shipping cost. Way cheaper than buying and installing hi gain replacements.

Please let me know what you guys come up with and anything you've discovered in the process.

John K


Tore the thing apart to try the bar magnets. They work fine also, but there seems to be more of a bite to the discs placed under the poles.

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