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Originally Posted by J Kennedy View Post
We can probably pull off the gate better digitally nowdays, but I haven't found any digital compressor that beats the old Ross box, or the MXR floor box (distant second).
I've read a few good reports that say the Electro Harmonix Hum Debugger actually eliminates noise - "Absolutely eliminates hum from any audio source. Not a noise gate and not a suppressor. Dead silence in your signal chain courtesy of a little EH magic" - some people are saying it actually works.

I have never tried a Ross compressor, but they are still very popular and there are a lot of clones available from boutique builders if you just want a replacement that is not so rare and collectible. I do have two Ross distortion pedals - a black one and the older brown model - very nice!

I have an Electro Harmonix Black Finger compressor (the newer tube model). I have no idea how it compares to a Ross, but I like it.

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