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Default Trivial requests

I'm just testing out 0.48 now. It seems like most of the major issues have already been taken care of, so I'm going to list some detail oriented requests as I break this thing in.

1) Clicking in the empty area beneath the tracks deselects all tracks. It's currently difficult (impossible?) to select a single track once you have them all selected. I had to add a new track and select it.

2) Arrow key associated start and end navigation. (Alt <- & Alt ->?)

3) Tracks can be minimized to smallest vertical height even when record enabled.

4) ` key minimizes all tracks, pressed again it alternates to one size larger, pressed again back to minimized.

5) Unless I'm missing something, it's not possible to drag the dividers between the different control areas (ie, widen the track section, heighten the mixer section). That would be nice.

6) It would be cool to see more tweakable style options, click choosing the main background and text colors. Obviously not a priority, but we are dealing with the innovator of skinnable audio apps...

Add: 7) Right click remove option on FX list.

A lot of these are behaviors from a certain other app that I'm used to, so...grain of salt.

I'm really impressed with the new version. The routing possibilities are now basically endless. While it can take a little work to get the multiple bus layers set up (tracks -> bus tracks for volume & pan adjustment -> bus master -> asio output) there's really nothing you can't do. I'm also digging the render/record live output options.

Can we maybe get some feedback on what and how to contribute?

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