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Originally Posted by Jeffos View Post
- GetUserInputs() is limited to 8 fields, may be 16 would still usable on low screen resolutions
I also have some issues with GetUserInputs (from a ReaScript perspective...)
  • This one is really serious - results are contained in one single string separated by commas.

    User case where it becomes a problem:
    Some countries use comma (,) instead of a dot (.) as a decimal mark. The list of those countries is not short:
    So for example, if you expect a user to input a float values you can get in a serious trouble because splitting string where the commas are can give you unpredictable results.
    Proposed solution would be to output a list instead of a string contained in char* retvals_csv. That way we can work with list and replace commas with a dot where needed - without a fear to also replace the commas that separate the results

  • Captions are also inputted as one big string separated by commas - thus you cannot use commas in your captions. Proposed solution is the same as it it for the result - let us use list instead

  • It would be nice if the window user sees would automatically stretch depending on the length of the captions. In current implementation you cannot use more then a few words per caption:

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