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Default Reaper crashing on large 352.8kHz projects

Hi, This is a long standing issue I've had since I started using Reaper, and finally I have a project I can share that I hope another might be able to use to replicate the issue, and reach some conclusion or solution. Here's our workflow:

- large multitrack recording with Pyramix in DxD (352.8kHz/24bit).
- Send to Reaper at some point for post-production.
- create a Pro-Tools playlist-style editing scheme out of the large multitrack takes
- route/buss the multitrack to individual tracks for mixing.

The issue is that Reaper (in Windows, NOT IN MAC) consistently crashes with these larger projects. I'm hoping there is a solution since Reaper is SO good at this workflow in every other way.

The issue is better if the project is run at 96k or some lower sample rate (keeping and SRC'ing the media), but still occurs.

The project is attached.

I'd be interested in any thoughts.

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