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I'm new to using Track Inspector VIP, and it seems to be working pretty well so far!
I have a few questions:

-When switching between track Versions, I've noticed that TI will un-mute the track if it is muted. Is there a way I can disable this? It's a bit problematic for me because I am using versions for storage and do not wish for the audio to be audible until I un-mute it manually.

-Is it possible to assign key shortcuts for any of the commands in TI? Coming from both Pro Tools and Studio One, I would very much like to carry forward a workflow ability to both create and rename a new track Version with a single key command (if at all possible).

-Also, is it possible for me to hide the track number in the top track name panel? Not a big deal, really. I just don't want or need it.

-I'm only using a select few features if TI - namely Versions, Freeze, FX, Param, Sends, Notepad, and Automation (which I could disable actually). Is there anything I could disable in the settings that might make the script a bit more responsive? Again, not a big deal; just wondering.

Thanks for making this!
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