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As far as your RAM situation, I tried like heck to dig up specs on your motherboard, but couldn't find them anywhere. But if your computer guy is saying 8GB is the max, it must be a limitation of your motherboard, vs. a limitation in Windows 64-bit (Which is significantly higher). So it sounds like 8GB it is, for you. That's too bad, because that's some lower hanging fruit when it comes to increasing performance.

The other thing I'd wonder is if you have a lot of "bloat" (unnecessary software) running in the background while Reaper is running. Did your computer guy look at that? Manufacturers like HP (which I believe is who makes your PC, is that right?), Compaq, Dell and others are notorious for their apps running rogue in the background. I can actually say, myself, I very oddly decided to buy a Dell laptop recently. I say "oddly" because I'm actually anti-Dell, but I wanted to give them another shot because I liked some of the other features. Anyways, it was slow as hell and hanging on me frequently until I completely purged the system of any Dell software. Now it runs great, 90+% of the time.

So, perhaps that is the next low hanging fruit, if your computer guy hasn't already tried. It's easy enough to go through a computer and purge off all the "bloat" (which could include HP software, but definitely not limited to just that).

Re: moving Reaper to another drive, agree with Toleolu.. probably won't make much of a difference. Probably wouldn't hurt to try, but you could also end up botching the process too though (so yeah, I guess it could hurt to try lol). Really I'd be most concerned about where your project and all the plugins reside. Should be on a fast, internal drive.

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