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Originally Posted by Burnsjethro View Post
I don't suppose it would make much difference moving my Reaper program, lock, stock and barrel, to the new SDD, would it?
If I understand you correctly, you've added an additional SSD to your computer so now basically you have a C: drive and D:, E:, or whatever drive letter it's designated as, and you put your project files on that new drive and still have your OS and programs on the original C: drive.

If that's correct, then basically you can't "move" programs from one drive to another, they have to be uninstalled, then reinstalled, making sure you change the default install location from the C: drive to whatever drive you want to put it on.

I suspect doing that will cause more problems than it's worth, plus you're back to the performance issue of one drive controller handling requests for both program and data.

If I misunderstood what you're asking here, please let me know what I'm missing.
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