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Originally Posted by sai'ke View Post
Changelog Amaranth:
- Added position bar in wave view.
- Added cropping for frozen waves (to prevent preset saves from becoming huge and slow).
- Added option to not save waveform in preset (for unfrozen ones this makes sense).

Just fyi, amaranth is still in alpha stage, so presets may still be lost due to design changes. Next up are filters... maybe over the weekend.
Awesome!! I like the position bars and the crop function!
It might be better if when moving the start bar would move both start-end together with the position while the end bar would move only the bar and not the position? I think it would make it easier to move together as a loop by selecting portions of the sample.

Also a nice way to modulate the controls that i like in Reaktor except the envelopes, is when you record the movements of the parameters with the mouse. It's nice and easy way to experiment

Here's a video from Granite that uses this way of modulation too.
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