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I got a detailed reply from the fine TouchDaw support and it's working fine now. Here's details for others.

the app uses two MIDI connections:

Port 1 is for the DAW controller (Mackie Control)
Port 2 is for all the other MIDI tools including the mixer in MIDI mode

See the illustration at

An rtpMIDI session directly "translates" to a virtual MIDI port that you will see in Reaper, ie. the driver will create a MIDI in- and output for every session you create.

Now it looks like you created two sessions ("touchd" & "touchd_midi"). That's fine.

You then want to connect the app's first session ("tdaw and(xxx) RTP 1") to "touchd" and use "touchd" in Reaper's Mackie Control windows.
"touchd" should be <disabled> in Reaper's MIDI settings (because funny bugs in Reaper...). Your "Control Surface Settings" screenshot shows that you are using "touchd_midi" there. That is probably not correct.

Then you want to connect the app's second session ("tdaw and(xxx) RTP 2") to your second rtpMIDI session ("touchd_midi"). This should be routed into Reaper as any other standard MIDI controller would be, ie. it's not a Mackie Controller and the "touchd_midi" ports should NOT be <disabled>. The screenshot of your MIDI settings shows that both ports are disabled. Again that's not correct and here probably lies the reason for you not receiving anything that's coming in over the second connection.

Do NOT connect both of the app's sessions to one rtpMIDI session. Each of them should be linked to one session only. The network stuff is nothing other than virtual MIDI cables in the end. A Mackie controller by definition requires a MIDI port (both in- and output) entirely for itself. You do not want any of the remote control data anywhere else in your setup and you do not want anything but the Mackie Controller and the DAW's remote control implementation to access this port.

The Mackie Control part of the app will then let you write Volume, Pan, Mute etc. automation (everything that Reaper can let you write from a Mackie controller, which as I said is entirely defined by Reaper's MCU implementation, not by TouchDAW)

The app's keyboard, launchpads and your CC 14 fader on the mixer in MIDI mode MAY let you control Reaper last touched FX parameter. Again I am not a Reaper user and basically have no idea of all that actions stuff. I just can assure you that you whatever CC you assigned to those MIDI mode faders will be sent out to the app's second MIDI port.
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