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Originally Posted by serr View Post
That's what I was trying to point out above. Your logic board would only have one or the other (SATA or M.2). Only the high end machines aimed at video editors will have M.2 slots on the logic board.
Not sure what you mean here.. if I'm misunderstanding. Motherboards can definitely have both SATA and M.2 together (although definitely good advice that his mobo should have been verified to have an M.2 slot, of course).

I actually have an M.2 SSD, and several spinny SATA drives connected to mine. And these mobos aren't that expensive, really.. mine cost $220CAD (ASUS PRIME Z270-A), and that was for a pretty good one, at the time.. there's a lot cheaper ones out there. I do all sorts of things with my PC, from Audio, to video editing, to gaming, so that's why I bought this mobo. Anyways, doesn't help the OP here at all, but just was wondering what you meant, cause they can definitely have both.

(edit: under the assumption that this is a desktop PC, as the op didn't specify this was a laptop, but those of course have more limited space so you might only get one or the other in that case)

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