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Default Shimmer Reverb Effect

I watched someone demonstrating a guitar pedal with this effect and explaining how it works so I created a track template that does the same thing. Basically it's a send to a reverb, then the reverb output is sent to another track that pitch shifts it up 1 octave then that is routed back through the reverb again, and there is some delay on it for additional ambient effect.

Track template is attached and the instructions are:

1. Load the track template.
2. Make sure feedback routing is enabled in project settings.
3. Drag the IO button of the track you want to use the effect on and drop it on the reverb track IO button only.


That's it. Note that I replaced my 3rd party reverb/delay with reaper's reverb/delay so you can just replace those as needed. Here's a snip of the effect in action (note to be careful with the "Octave Up" track send/volume since feedback routing can cause an extremely nasty feedback loop if too loud):

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