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The reason I linked the overlap to the grain size was because that way, I can calculate exactly how many grains I would need at maximum overlap for there to not be an insufficient number of grains. I have added options now to decouple the two, but then it's possible that you run out of grains. The reason this is not variable is performance. I may revisit it later allowing for higher grain counts, but for now, this is what it is.

I should probably add a little notification when that is occurring.

Just for the record, I did read the suggestions, but I will reply to them when I get to actually working on them or considering their impact in code

- Added feedback to Amaranth.
- Added option to set the distance between grains in absolute terms in Amaranth.
- Added option to set the variance between grains in absolute terms in Amaranth.
- Fixed issue with last touched parameter not being correct for Squashman when frequency cutoff was clicked.
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