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"FYI, low latency buffer settings like 64 samples only apply if you are running live sound or doing live performance through the computer. Anytime you need to hear real life sounds along with the output of the computer with absolutely no lag.

If you are just recording and mixing, you're literally not monitoring real life + the computer's output and thus you're taxing the system for no reason. If you're just recording and mixing, set your block size to 512 or 1024 samples. Otherwise it will be like trying to drive in 1st gear on the freeway (for the shitty car analogy)".

What does "FYI" mean?
When I had the older focusrite, the latency setting shown in the right-hand corner was really quite high, abovewhat someone here said was the tolerable latency level. This was drastically improved with the more recent interface. I do mix (well, what I call mixing) in a higher buffer setting, but, for instance, if we try to play the keyboards in a higher setting, the delay between me pressing a key and the sound coming out of the computer or in my headphones is quite noticeable.
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