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I think generic capacitive touch screens (commonly used in phones/tablet) are not the best controller for DAW works, because
  • Its precision is not accurate enough, or perhaps too sensitive especially for automation works.
  • when your finger leave the screen, even a tiny movement could be recognized as input (mouse/touch drag, especially for faders or drawing envelope).

IMO no matter how good you are with your fingers on screen, it’s very tedious to get accurate control compared to touchscreen devices which specifically design as a control surface (such as Raven MTi, it’s a night and day difference).

I think the main purpose writing automation with (hardware) controller is to mimic analog experience when fiddling with real faders, knobs, etc. thus the result expected to sound more natural.

As opposed using touch screen to write automation which felt weird and unnatural, a lot of trial and errors for a single envelope is inevitable. Drawing automation with mouse and editing with modifiers, keyboard shortcut, etc. is way faster, easier, and predictable.
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