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New information that might help someone if this happens to them?

I've been running Reaper off the internal MacHD and also saving/writing the files to that same drive.

I've discovered that if I run Reaper from my MacHd internal but save the files to an external drive, there's no far (haven't done any long-term projects yet).

I installed Reaper on the external drive too and if use the portable installation and I play the project that's also on that same external drive, there's still no glitch.

If I use the portable installation and open the project located on the MacHD internal, there's a glitch.

So, obviously, it's something happening with the internal MacHD.

Question: If I update the internal drive, should I add an additional SDD, a new spinning drive, just add an SDD or do both?

Is there a problem writing/saving my reaper files to the same external disk that has my samples installed?

Not sure if I should do this or just start saving for a new machine. I'm currently tapped out on ports good enough for drives on this imac but also tapped out on money. ha!

For now, I'll run my files from my external and see what happens.
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