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@Cyrano - thanks for your help.
I indeed have an old plain spinning disk drive (not Fusion or SSD).
Here's an odd thing I noticed late last night that I'm currently (10 minutes at a time) trying to investigate:

If I open a new project and place a simple mp3 to play. I don't get a glitch.

In fact, I added Superior Drummer (I've thought that this might be the culprit because it was kind of sort of around the time I started using SD3 more that I "think" the glitches started) - no glitch thought.

I added Kontakt too - no glitches. In fact I couldn't replicate it now on the new new track...until this morning when I opened up that same session and, viola, it happened right on schedule.

Last night I thought it might have to do with saving the project but I just saved and didn't shut Reaper all the way down and re-open which is what I'm doing now.

Are you suggesting to boot the system from an external or just a Reaper portable install from an external drive?
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