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Originally Posted by Michael Firmont View Post
Support for composer needs :-)) Thanks ED!
Yes, please! This will pretty much make REAPER the best composing DAW on the planet. I consider myself power user and I tried every DAW there is until the result spoke for itself - REAPER needs user time to set up properly, but once done...nothing on the market, let me repeat that...nothing on the market...can touch it. You can have every feature from every DAW in some way or another and then some more because you can create your own stuff after you've built what you needed. And whoever tried composing with hundreds of tracks for real understands what a luxury is to be able to do so many stuff in REAPER. I do not predict the future, but I will not be surprised if more and more composers embrace REAPER with time.

You can do with drum maps instead of expression maps and notation editor is usable in real life scenario (I can vouch it works pefectly with proper MIDI Editor part, once you set up MIDI Editor properly, a lot of stuff in Notation editor becomes so nice. You just have to know your shortcuts really well to pretty much fly if you don't need to mess with articulations much. And I personally use it mostly to edit rhytm because it's much easier to think like that using notation)

But you can't do with REAPER using so many resources on zero used tracks that only have offline FX on them and MIDI input turned on.

Another problem is that even when you mute and turn on the option to not process muted tracks you still have abnormal RT CPU usage which wastes precious CPU. When you work with many instruments, you simply use up things too quickly that way. We're still waiting on quantum computers and I doubt composers will be able to say they can breathe freely until we get those. And until then, we could really use that CPU to make music.

In the end, Justin always liked a good challenge and hopefully this could still be reworked in REAPER. Feature locks are a nasty thing and I hope there aren't any here.
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