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Originally Posted by schwa View Post
You can currently render selected tracks, within selected regions, via the master, or not via the master. And of course you can just render the master within selected regions.

Adding support to the region render matrix so you could render different sets of tracks within different regions via the master or not via the master gets kind of complicated!
I was not aware that rendering a region via selected tracks through the master track is possible. That makes my feature request obsolete, I suppose. I'll have to check that out.

Originally Posted by timothys_monster View Post
So, you want to render a region without the Master FX chain?
I have a workflow where my regions are named and colored after the track they should render through. I then run a script that compares them, and plots out the render matrix accordingly.

This works well, except that I have no way to run a final pass through a single FX chain when rendering.
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