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Looking into this further:

Apparently RPL files can contain one preset (like fxp) or many (like fxb). All the ones you just save internally via 'save preset' get stored in the .ini for the instrument and NOT as separate files. That's why you can't find the files when you search by name. If you rename the ini file, i.e. "VST-Kontakt 5 8 out.ini.OLD" so that reaper doesn't find it, it will not load any presets.

There is the 'reset to factory defaults' command. It does not seem to clear presets out of the ini file--but it does make the instance of Kontakt ignore it. That eliminates the need to delete any presets!

So, to change the preset list for a particular instance of Kontakt, I can reset to defaults and load an RPL with the presets for the appropriate bank. Then I can get the user preset names list (or bank) from the instance, and populate my buttons with it. Pressing a button would load the preset by name.

Provided all four commands are scriptable.... maybe someone can clarify that...

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