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Originally Posted by shredingskin View Post
Auto mode works pretty good for me in hardware mode (I have 4 presets loaded with different pb options), but still legato are not triggered as different notes but as pitchbend data (that does not correlate at all with the notes xD), trigger mode works like a charm.

The manual has been updated to incorporate hardware stuff, and it says the things I did.

Just wondering if it's just me the problem of legato, a config problem or a "normal" behaviour.
I'd have to test the legato as I just don't remember. But I quit using pb so it would be a special trip to find out; its possible legato is also a reason I stopped using it (forgive, its been since May or so since I used pb). I did notice earlier they updated the manual but I'll bet there is more hidden stuff there. Not that I think any of it is a game changer, just noting they released it while other stuff was still in the oven.
If it requires a null test to find it, it is by definition minuscule.
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