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Originally Posted by studer58 View Post
Yes that was my first choice, and I'd succeeded in eventually finding 'H' as a possible replacement for F10....but your suggestion of having the floating toolbar is excellent and a great timesaver...I've not had reason to explore floating toolbars until now, but it's about time I did, so thank you indeed for that hint !

good now you're in trouble hahahaha floating TB's are GREAT and IMHO the way to go... I have all 16 of them populated and I add to them constantly... make my own special icons for them, etc.

I don't really have them 'floating'... I have them docked above the ruler and what you can do is have each of the 16 in tabs in the dock...

Here's a tip: when you edit them, up at the top is a button for 'retitle'...
where you can change the name... so instead of toolbar 1 you can have 1 Grid Settings, ...or 2 Color Settings, etc., etc. Then that name shows up in the tab in the dock... makes it nice to choose which TB you want to see.. have fun
...should be fixed for the next build...
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