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A bit of additional information (and remember this applies only to Mac, it's not a problem if I try it on a Windows device)

If I open up the Actions window, highlight the F10 Shortcut/ Custom S/D Edit line and click Run, it performs the action !

So the problem seems to be that the action is not attaching itself to the actual keystroke.

If I click on Add in the lower right of the Actions box, it brings up a "Keyboard/MIDI/OSC Input" dialogue....but when I type in F10 it doesn't appear to register or record itself as a keyboard stroke input.

So while I can make the action work by clicking on the Run command, is anyone able to advise on how I can make it 'stick' to the actual F10 keystroke ?

Thank you for your help it perhaps as simple as F10 already being a shortcut for muting the Macbook's internal speakers ?

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