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I'm attempting to set this up on a Reaper 5.62 Macbook Pro 2010, Snow Leopard.

I've imported the latest SWS custom actions (v.2.9.7 Sept 28, 2017)and Pelleke's Keymap, and clicked the Setup action on my Source project, which produces the duplicate project as copy of source (minus any items in the track timeline of course), I've saved that as Destination project on a tab to the right of the Source tab/project. All fine so far....

Ripple editing All Tracks is enabled in Destination project.

If I make a selection over a set of source tracks and push F10 (same shortcut as Pelleke nominated in his keymap for 'making the edit'), nothing from that selection (in fact no material at all) is copied into the Destination project.

Any suggestions as to what I might have done wrong ?

Since the 'Setup'action has correctly applied itself, I can't figure out why the F10 'edit' action doesn't work also ?
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