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Originally Posted by partitura View Post
I'm also trying to setup these actions and having similar problems.
Reaper 5.50c (most recent)
SWS extensions - (most recent)

I can use the setup action to create the destination project with no difficulties.

However, when I try to initiate a 3 or 4 point edit from within the destination window, at the location of the time selection in the source window, it inserts a silent area the length of the time selection, and pushes all the audio further to the right on the track. Nothing at all happens in the destination window.

Very strange. If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them!
Did you check ripple in the destination project?

The bug you describe seems to occur when the cursor in the source project is located after (or it may be during, can't remember) the selection to be edited. Not sure why it does this but it can be solved by clicking before the selection.

It's a frustrating quirk so a fix would be appreciated!
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