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Default Reaper 5

Sorry to resurrect an old thread!

I have found your custom actions for 3- and 4-point source-destination editing amazingly useful for classical stereo and multi-channel editing. However, I've just upgraded to Reaper 5.03 and SWS 2.8.1 and have spotted a small bug, which I thought I'd flag up. I'm not expecting it to be fixed in any way, just thought it might benefit other users to know about it.

When I run the 'S/D edit' action with a time selection starting at the beginning of the project, Reaper jumps to the second tab as normal, but the item isn't copied. The cursor does jump forward though. In the source project tab, all items move forward in time the same amount as the time selection. If the time selection starts after the beginning of the project, all appears normal.

Thanks again for developing these custom actions, which make Reaper a great choice for classical editing.
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