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This is what I got back from the people in my professional network immediately after I released these. Or, at least, auditioning the parts that you don't use. (i.e. D and G, see below.)

A take "1" crossfading to take "2" like normal

B take "1" fading out without take "2" fading in
C take "1" not fading out trough the crossfade. (without take 2)
D take "1" not fading out stopping at the end of the crossfade. (without take 2)

E take "2" from beginning of crossfade fading in (without take 1)
F take "2" from beginning of crossfade not fading in (so playing at normal loudness from the start)(without take 1)
G take "2" from before crossfade (without take 1)
A is currently possible just by playing after the edit was made. (Some functionality could be added to rewind to the correct spot.)

All the others should be (remotely) possible.

I think Reaper allows you to mute regions, which basically makes it possible to create B and E as well.

For C and F, the crossfade needs to be removed as well before playback, which in itself should be possible although there are possible complications:

1. To restore the crossfade exactly as it was after playback, we'll need to use the 'Undo' history. The problem here is that there's no way to figure out whether a crossfade was there in the beginning, so if you 'undo' something that wasn't done (removing a non-existent crossfade), God knows what action you're actually undoing.
2. I don't know whether Reaper has an action "Play until end of selected items", and since there's no way to guess how long the crossfade was before auditioning, you would depend on such an action. (My guess would be though that you can actually do this, if need be using the time selection.)

D and G are very likely possible, but probably the most painful ones to implement: you would have to stretch the existing items so that the stuff that you didn't use becomes visible again. Again, using the Undo action you can get away with it clean.

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