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Sorry i messed up, the good list ;-)

Just for auditioning if you did the crossfade right this would be very nice to have:

Specific key commands to start this!

take "1" crossfading to take "2" like normal

take "1" fading out without take "2" fading in
take "1" not fading out trough the crossfade. (without take 2)
take "1" not fading out stopping at the end of the crossfade. (without take 2)

take "2" from beginning of crossfade fading in (without take 1)
take "2" from beginning of crossfade not fading in (so playing at normal loudness from the start)(without take 1)
take "2" from before crossfade (without take 1)

Is this remotely possible to configure? I'm willing to put some work in it if it is. But won't start if it isn't

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