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Default A start, of sorts...

I'm going to post a few images of where I am up to at the moment.

I haven't got far.

I have started with the track view and it took a while just to get the Track ID side of things sorted, with much needed help from White Tie.

The following image shows four tracks. The last track, 200, is shown because I had to make sure that the Track ID size, with my chosen font size, didn't truncate the text. So providing I don't go above 999 tracks I will be okay.

Also, it shows the Track Label and some of the folder related buttons. I felt that it was important to get the folder stuff working before moving on to the rest of the Track panel.

So, here it is:-

Yes, very simple, very basic. Try not to laugh too hard!

Track 1 is a folder so you can see two buttons. The lower button, shaped like a folder, is what makes the track a folder and cycles through its three options depending on the tracks current folder state.

The square shaped button just above that is for cycling through the three different folder compact modes, normal, small and tiny. I am still debating whether I stack the vertically with the folder button or place it to the right of the folder button.

I have yet to develop any WALTER required to hide elements based on track height. That comes next.
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