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Originally Posted by JDOD View Post
My latency settings in Reaper say 6.8/15ms, but I don't think its to do with that anyway as the delay in my recording is much worse than that!
Misplaced recorded material always comes from incorrectly guessed or manually set latency. Independent from the absolute value of latency DAW can align material properly, assuming it knows and interpret correctly hardware parameters and the workflow.

1. Check in the Audio/Device that you are using ASIO mode. Anything else is looking for troubles with latency

2. Check in the Audio/Recording the last section, "Use audio driver reported latency" should be normally set. If nothing else works / you can not use ASIO, you can switch to the manual mode and set these parameters by hands.

The explanation: DAWs normally assume you "play along" already recorded material, so you listen what is played (Output delay) and play in sync with that (Input delay). So DAWs assume they should put recorded material "Input + Output" back in time. If that parameters are detected incorrectly, you observe the displacement (can be in both directions).

Tascam latest interfaces should report these parameters correctly, but that is only guarantied in ASIO mode. Check that you have the latest drivers. You can also check real latency using loopback test: (better switch off your monitors, if some settings are wrong, your setup can produce rather loud sound...).
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