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Originally Posted by semikid View Post
Ye I'm aware to not do higher powered stuff in the hubs, but I figured since it was externally powered... I guess it's something weird with the usb 2 vs. 3 that you're saying. I read on a few other sources it's a thing for this specifically..
If it's 2 vs 3, it isn't a power bandwidth thing, but a potential protocol issue. The adapter FWIW is just for the motorized fader IIRC because a motor will exceed the 100-500 ma USB maximum.

A side note: Anyone building a USB device, must know the current limits of USB - sort of goes without saying - meaning in most cases, if the device draws more current than USB allows it usually comes with an adapter - because they couldn't even develop/test it successfully to begin with. So while in the early days this was more likely to occur, it more of a corner case these days.
If it requires a null test to find it, it is by definition minuscule.
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