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Originally Posted by pipelineaudio View Post
But if I did, I was wondering, are you really using it as your volume knob? Do you ever forget to have the knob all the way down when you first start up in the morning?
I do indeed use it as my main volume (and headphone volume) control. I never touch the levels on my amps. The sub amp doesn't even have a level control, just a power switch. It's a MOSFET amp from a Village Roadshow Cinema, as are my subs, and I run it in bridge mode for around 2KW total maximum RMS power to four EV DL15W 15" drivers.
I have speaker de-thump protection on all ten amplifier channels so don't need to be concerned about thumps at on/off time.

As for levels, I've never had an issue with my monitors starting at the level I left them at the previous day. I have snapshots and workspaces set up in Totalmix for quick recall of complete configurations for either monitoring or recording. Those snapshots all have the monitor level at a nominal level that matches the K System calibration I'm using.
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