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Originally Posted by hopi View Post
ah thanks for explaining the auto level in only one mode...

I guess that function is not finished but I'm confused as to why we would use it IF it only works when the mixer window has foucus... I would imagine it would be a great thing to use for rendering, but the the mixer does not have focus... ????
It is not used while rendering, only while playing. After a while, the faders will be the exact value needed to produce the reference value wanted. But it needs some playing time to listen, learn and adjust.

what works with window on focus is to trigger the shortcut A, then it will move the faders with or without window focus. When I improve it I'll add it to the menu also, not only by pressing A. For now, it is kind of hidden feature that you need to read the forum to know that yuo have to press A key

another hidden key: H key, to toggle on/off the regularize meter heights.
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