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Default REAPER crashing on Mac

Running REAPER on a Mac Pro tower 8 core Xeon 32GB ram with Antelope Orion 32 interface

Lately reaper has been repeatedly crashing, over the past several reaper builds. I have done a bunch of searching, and changed a couple of settings in preferences. I set # of threads to 8, which seemed to improve but not solve the problem, and changed a setting recommended by this blog post, which didn't seem to make much difference:

The problem is recurring, though not necessarily repeatable as far as I have been able to determine. Some projects are definitely more affected than others. Some projects seem to crash at least once per hour, others much more rarely. The problem seems to happen most often when opening an fx chain or adding a plugin, but sometimes it will happen when I'm not doing anything plugin-related.

I have a suspicion that this might possibly be related to something with Izotope's copy-protection, but I am not very confident of that. I say that because the crashing seemed to approximately coincide with updating Izotope Production bundle after auditioning some trial versions, but it's possible this is entirely coincidence. The problem does not seem to specifically related to running Izotope plugins.

The particularly crashy projects do not have any obvious distinguishing characteristics that I can figure out. Maybe 80-100 tracks, lots of busses, 100~150 plugins, around 40% CPU on performance meter and plenty of memory, all of which is very typical of my standard tracking and mixing templates. As far as I can tell, it's basically the same plugins that I use over and over on every project (I am a creature of habit, lol).

Searching seems to turn up a whole lot of rabbit holes, and I have tried to go down a bunch of them, but I haven't found a solution. Hoping someone here has had similar-sounding problems and found a fix!

Thanks in advance for any help
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