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Using MPE (which is what I understand Pianoteq support by "multi-channel pitch-bend messages used for microtuning purposes") you would set the Pianoteq Midi receive to "any" channel and use the Midi channels for the notes to play in a round robin way so only 16 (or 15 ? ) virtual keys can be held down at the same time.

Each note-on event is preceded by a a pitch bend event in the same channel.

Pitch bend is set to +/- 50 cent (i.e. range 0..16384 -> -1/2 semitone ... + 1/2 semitone)

This results in a very fine resolution of microtuning with just three 3-byte Midi messages per Note: Pitchbend / Note-on / Note-Off. Overhead regarding a "normal" non microtonal Midi stream just 50 %.


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