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Originally Posted by hopi View Post
comment about making selected tracks in tcp and mcp easy to see:

On my own CIRCUS theme and on a very few others as well, I have made a 2 px line [red or white or whatever] that makes at lease a partial border around the selected track...

I gotta say, I think something like this should always be done because it CAN become very difficult to tell for certain when a track is or is not selected. Just a slight shift in color or tone is not nearly good enough for me!

I am so used to working that way in my own theme that when I go to something like the v4 default it really is bothersome.

Now I really do userstand it's not an easy thing to add when you have a lot of layouts... but in the long run, to me, it's the way to go.
Just to bump another idea that would make this theme more awsome than it is IMO.
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