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Originally Posted by musicbynumbers View Post
+ Notation editor: notation events follow notes rather than preceding, may affect user scripts/plugins that read notation messages
I am concerned about scripts/plugins that *write or move* notation messages, and in particular how to sort such events:

At present, the ReaScript function MIDI_Sort is too dangerous to use, since it fails on certain unsorted notes and turns them into extended notes. MIDI_Sort can sort notation messages, though.

I have therefore instead been trying a workaround, namely using OnCommand to call the MIDI editor's built-in Actions (such as Invert selection) to invoke the MIDI editor's own MIDI sorting. Unfortunately, the MIDI editor actions are dangerous too: While these actions can properly sort unsorted notes, they cannot sort notation events: If a notation text event is not pre-sorted exactly correctly, the MIDI editor simply deletes the event.

Will notation events that are written according to pre-v5.31 standards be deleted by v5.31's MIDI editor and vice versa?

Would it be possible to combine the best features of the ReaScript sorting algorithm and the MIDI editor algorithm, so that both are safe to use with notes as well as notation events?
* The MIDI editor should sort notation events instead of deleting them, and
* MIDI_Sort should sort notes similar to how the MIDI editor does it, to avoid extended notes.

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