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Looking forward to trying out the articulation mapper.

A couple of thoughts and feature requests:

1. Some libraries don't utilize keyswitches or CC for articulation mapping, so users have to use different MIDI channels. That being said, can you include "channel" in trigger_type? I'm pretty sure there is a JS effect that converts keyswitches to channels, but it would be nice to have this in the articulation mapper.

2. Can we have the option to add or subtract values for articulations? For example, let's say we have a note with with an accent. The current CC 7 value is set to 50.

note articulation accent : cc 7 64

The resulting output currently is CC 7 64

Maybe if we had something like this:

note articulation accent : cc 7 +20

The output would be cc 7 70 (50 + 20). Does that make sense? I think it would be a pretty useful feature.
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