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Default Regarding Motorized Faders / Single Channel Strip

Just a few comments regarding:
1). Motorized faders, the ones on the TASCAM DM-24, which is an obsolete console (and why I am looking at what is next), are very quiet. The noise is equivalent to moving the faders by themselves. For example, at power up, the faders go through a calibration phase, and the only noise is that of all the faders going up and down. If you could move all faders at once, it would make the same noise. Also the speed of the fader movement is much faster than you can move the fader manually.
2). Having one channel strip for EQ, assignments, aux sends, etc. works fine "almost" all of the time. There are times when in a panic(example feedback), one forgets what fader layer is on top, or what electronic patching has been set up. Or one starts to tweak an EQ on the wrong input. It happens, but I guess if I were starting at a gaggle of knobs, I might tweak the wrong strip as well.

In gereral, I would not go back to straight analog boards as the tonal control, presets, and flexibility of providing 24 track live recording, a house mix, and four (or more) monitor mixes from one console is just amazing (oh also without mouse clicking and cursing). Nothing like having hardware under your fingers!

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